3D space navigator

The basic idea is to translate the sensation of fluidity in the use of 3D Connexion products by giving movement to my product. I also try to keep the technical side of the product and enhance its ergonomics. That's why I started with the idea of a "Bio Design" and a shape inspired by the “manta ray”. It is this idea of wave motion that I tried to represent with flexible and dynamic surfaces. The asymmetrical side of the product is the result of an observation …I realized that a natural way of putting a hand on a table is inclined and not flat. This approach also justifies my concept of organic design. It’s sure It's a bit exclusive to offer an asymmetrical product but Logitech do it well with its ergonomic mouse for right-handed. Concerning the UI, I chose a touch screen that allows you to browse and access function very quickly. The buttons are distributed around the joystick and following the outline of the product for good ergonomics and a better visual result.

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